Hello.  I’m Wayne Shockley.  This blog is simply a means of publishing comments, opinions, and suggestions in a lot of areas.  But you knew that’s what blogs are for.   The categories show you what those areas are.

I write the postings informed by a Christian perspective, although sometimes the perspective informs indirectly or from some distance.

Why should you care what I think?  I have no official credentials in any of those areas, so you will have to read a little and see if I make any sense.  I’m a retired computer programmer.  I was an elder in two Christian Church congregations.  I’m a private pilot.  I was an Army officer with 3 years of active duty and 20 years in the reserves.

Feel free to comment if you see any “holes” in my logic, any sloppy thinking, any flat-out mistakes.  That’s how we all learn.

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